We believe in creating significant and meaningful opportunities for companies to give back and be involved in their communities. By partnering with Comp-U-Dopt®, you not only receive recognition but also the opportunity for your staff to engage directly with community members.

Benefits for your organization:

- Significant recognition through marketing channels.
- Inspiring employee engagement and volunteer opportunities.
- A community investment that has an immediate and clear positive impact.

With your support we will:

- Increase access to vital technology in the homes of children who would otherwise be left behind by their peers.
- Continue to foster the educational achievements and aspirations of children through our after school programs.
- Aid high school students in developing career applicable technical skills and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in further education.

From fullfilling and inspriring employee engagement opportunities, program sponsorships, and high recognition at our annual events we can tailor a package to meet your organizational objectives for giving back to our Houston community. Contact development@compudopt.org today for more information